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STERISHRED: Innovative, non-hazardous green medical waste solutions.

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You can find us at following exhibitions:

MEDICA Düsseldorf
20 - 23 November 2013

27 - 30 January 2014


Our visit to the Hospitalar Show in Brazil was a great success!  We met with many distributors as well as doctors and engineers from hospitals, clinics and laboratories from Brazil and other countries in Latin America very interested to learn more about the STERISHRED® 250.

They were impressed with the ease of use of the machine and its efficiency and effectiveness at treating infectious waste on site without any chemicals. We look forward to working with these new contacts to help them manage infectious waste with the STERISHRED® 250 - the inexpensive, high performance and green alternative.

To learn more please contact our agent for the Americas:

Valerie Weiss
Vice President                                Phone:  1 847 374 - 9927
RZ INTERNATIONAL, INC.              Fax:       1 847 374 - 9957
540 Lake Cook Road                     Mobile:  1 847 910 - 3621
Suite 180                                       Skype:    valerie.j.weiss
Deerfield, IL 60015                         E-mail:
USA                                                Web:


STERISHRED boosted its international sales.

Profit from the visibility of the Swiss Pavilion at Medica.